Language issues
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To display portions of these pages correctly you will need to obtain suitable fonts. Those used on these pages are listed on the Obtaining ancient fonts page. The sections transliterated into English characters should display correctly on most browsers - see the Conventions used page.

Obtaining ancient language fonts
Word study - bethûlâh
Vocabulary characteristic of the Pentateuch
Asherah and Ashtoreth
Comparing the Noahic and Abrahamic covenants
Correspondence between Ugaritic and Hebrew
Old Testament parallels to Ugaritic writing
Egyptian loanwords
Joseph’s Egyptian name
Egyptian dj -> Hebrew ts
The word tsûr
Exodus 6:3 and the name Yahweh
Passage study - Genesis 1:28
Passage study - Isaiah 42:7
The word naked
The word amen
The word law
Conventions used
Ancient languages and character sets
The relationships between various ancient languages


Language issues