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Correspondence between Ugaritic and Hebrew - some individual words

The following table shows a few of the many similar words in these two languages.

Hebrew word Ugaritic word Meaning and comments
’b ab Father
’dm adm Man, mankind
bn bn Son
byt bt House
gdwl gdl Large, great
yd yd Hand
hykl hkl Palace
hlb hlb Milk
lshwn lshn Tongue
ymyn ymn Right hand
kws ks Cup
mlk mlk King
’l el God
lb lb Heart
tsdq sdq Righteous
’pr ’pr Dust
zbh dbh Sacrifice
mtn mtn Gift
ndr ndr Vow
mnhh mnh Offering
shlmm shlm(m) Peace offering
nsk nsk Drink offering

The Hebrew words are shown in their consonant-only form to highlight the similarity here. Note that in a number of cases, the Ugaritic form of a word is of the 'defective' variation, omitting consonants that are essentially vowel holders only, for example gdwl and gdl, in which the waw has been omitted.

Language issues