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David Rohl Chronology resources
Seminar series
Old Testament survey
Blessing others - Deuteronomy 33
Balaq and Balaam - Numbers 23 and 24
Weeping at Bokhiym Judges 2:1-5
Friendships and alliances Judges 5:1-9
Unexpected consequences Joshua 9
Blessed are the peacemakers Matthew 5:9
Crossing the Jordan Joshua 3 and 4
The Gaza Road Judges 13
Responses to death David`s Lament
Recycling in God`s economy Judges 13
Changing roles Psalm 42
Freedom from law Romans 7
God`s sovereignty and Israel Romans 9-11
Promise and fulfilment - Psalm 116
Friendship and conscience - Luke 11:1-13
Endings - Romans 16
Can the leopard change his spots? - 1 Samuel 25


Sundry items