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Cairo Ostracon 25218 love poem 1 - notes

1) “Embrace” here translated as “extend” as the former in English requires a subject which is withheld in the poetry ... Syllable count 7

2) The initial st is taken to indicate “hers”. “Wings” is present only in determinative form, which shows the wing as outstretched rather than folded - hence “wide wings” ... Syllable count 7

3) “A soul” is from nty=“he who is”, and “paradise” translates Pewenet (Punt) as being an exotically remote and delightful place ... Syllable count 7

4) “Blossoming reeds” from iw=“reeds” to draw from the determinative used which shows flowering plants ... Syllable count 7

5) The end of the line is damaged, and reconstruction as Sw=“pools” is speculative from a) the preceding image of being full, b) the reed location, and c) the alliterative possibilities ... Syllable count 7

6) The start of the line is damaged, and reconstruction as swt=“yet” is speculative from the poetic contrast between the previously named delights and the conclusion in the next line which surpasses them ... Syllable count 7

7) Unguent and anointing oil are supplied only as determinatives of their respective containers, replaced here with balm and fragrance ... Syllable count 6