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p. Chester Beatty Song Cycle 3 love poem 7


p. Chester Beatty Song Cycle 3 love poem 7

I approached her house in the gloom,
knocked but no opening for me.

The night may be fine for our door-ward,
    Bolt, I'm coming to open you up,
    Door, within you is my destiny,
        in you a strong spirit is mine.

They'll sacrifice our ox indoors,
O Door, release your strength:
sacrifice an ox for the Bolt
    a cow for the Threshold
    fat goose for the Frame
    and a grebe for the Key.

But all the best cuts of the ox
will go to the craftsman's apprentice:
he'll make for us a Bolt of reeds,
a Door of woven leaves,
so now the brother, whenever he comes,
    will find her house all open,
    will find a bed all sheeted with linen,
        the princess of beauty within them.

She'll whisper to me, this princess, “This palace
belongs to the city lord's son!