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p. Chester Beatty Complete Song Cycle 3

In order to display this page correctly, you will need the Egyptian transliteration font made available by the Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research, Faculty of Theology, Utrecht University, Holland, Once you have entered that site, choose the top-level heading “egyptological resources” and scroll down the page to get to the link for the font. You will need the font if the letters after the word “Sample” below show in ordinary typeface - if the font has been correctly installed then when the page is refreshed you will see various additional marks above or below the letters.

Sample: AadDhxHXkqsS

1. (The onlooker) xr msi.k sw r pr n snt
1. So get along to the house of the sister xr msi.k sw r pr n snt
2. you'll drift on down to her doorway xnm.k r rr
3. she'll lift aloft her gate-latch sqi xra
4. dismissing it now she's the mistress sTf sw tAy.s nbt
5. Supply her with songs and the dance apr st m Hs(w)t xbt
6. with wine and ale in the shade irpw Dsrw <m>
7. you'll unravel her reservation iry.k txtx SrgH
8. and find fulfilment in her night mnq.k st m grH
9. So she'll sigh to you, “Let me into your arms xr n.k imi wi m qn.k
10. at day-break we'll still be this way” HD-tA iw.n m-mitt
  (The onlooker)  
1. So get along to the hallway of the sister xr msi.k sw <r> wsxt snt
2. all alone, and noone beside you wa.ti nn ky
3. achieve your desire at her lintel iry.k Abw.k m Hgi
4. and the porches will sigh iw nA wnrxw r xx
5. Let heaven come down with the breath that stirs hAy tA pt m TAw n nfy{f-sw}<.st>
6. bringing to you her fragrance n.k
7. that scent that floods and intoxicates sty baH dit
8. all who come into its presence nA nty r xft-Hr
9. The Lady of Gold proclaims her as your splendour in nbwt i.wD st n.k m fAyt
10. to grant you fulfilment of life r rdit mnq.k aHa.k
1. No innocent tossing a noose, this sister rxw sy m xAa iwnr snt
2. though not born to the stable master nn n irw-iHw
3. a toss of the noose comes for me with her hair iwnr r.i m
4. as if to gather me in with her eyes in(.i) m
5. as if to subjugate me with her thighs qnb(.i) m mny
6. her brand at hand to seal me. m xtm
1. While you whisper deep in yourself ir m-di Dd.k irm HAt.k
2. If I look after her, it's me that she'll embrace n.i
3. By He who is Hidden, it's me who comes for you wAH imn ink iw n.k
4. this tunic of mine off my shoulder iw tAy.i mss Hr qaH.i
1. I discovered my brother, my love at the brook gmi sni mri Xnyw
2. with his feet dabbled down in the channel: rdy.f wAH Hr-itrw
3. he offered the night like a chamber awaiting sw irt xAwt ir pr n wrS
4. drawn up as a couch for my limbs n stnw xn n nA Hawi
5. and brings skin touching skin to hold fast to my body sw ini inm n Drw
6. uniting his high ground and chalice iw qA.f r wsx.f
1. This that she did to me, this sister ir pA r.i snt
2. Will I ever keep quiet about it ist iw.i gr n.s
3. She made me stand outside her house pA dit aHa.i m rA n
4. so she could slip back inside Smt n.s st r-Xnw
5. but no word to me come in for delight bw n.i wHa.k m nfr
6. so frustration for me in the night dnit(.i) m pAy.i grH
1. I approached her house in the gloom snn.k(wi) (m) wxA(.k)
2. knocked but no opening for me thm.i bw wn(w) n.i
3. The night may be fine for our door-ward grH nfr n pAy.n iry-aA
4. Bolt, I'm coming to open you up qr iw.i wn(.k)
5. Door, within you is my destiny Tr m-ntk pAy.i SAy{n}
6. in you a strong spirit is mine m-ntk Axy ink
7. They'll sacrifice our ox indoors sft pAy.n iwA n-xnw
8. O Door, release your strength Tr m-dit bAw.k
9. sacrifice an ox for the Bolt iwA n qr
10. a cow for the threshold wnDw n pnat
11. fat goose for the frame sr Dri n bnS(y)
12. and a grebe for the key gnn n ad
13. But all the best cuts of the ox stpw sp-2 nb(w) n pAy.n iwA
14. will go to the craftsman's apprentice iw.<w> n ms-Hmww
15. he'll make for us a Bolt of reeds iry.f n.n qr n isy
16. a Door of woven leaves Tr n DAis
17. so now the brother, whenever he comes i.iw sn m nw nb
18. will find her house all open gm.f wn(w)
19. will find a bed all sheeted with linen gm.f Hati nmaw m pA<q>t
20. the princess of beauty within them Sri(t) nfr(t) r-Hnaw
21. She'll whisper to me, this princess, “This palace Ddw n.i tA Srit Hwt tn
22. belongs to the city lord's son!” n ms n pA imy-r niwt