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p. Harris 500 Song Cycle 2 love poem 1


p. Harris 500 Song Cycle 2 love poem 1

Your most beautiful sister
    the woman beloved of your heart -
    is making her way in the meadow.

Brother of mine and my lover
    my heart races after your love,
    and this now, all this is your doing.

So I call to you, “see all these things,
I am coming to capture,
with snare in my hand
with my basket, with bedroll beside.

For the bird-flocks of paradise
now are alighting in Egypt.
One dripping with myrrh is the first
to be seized by my lure -
he is fragrant with paradise,
fingers all laden with resin.

Now my heart is yours, we unwrap it together:
I go with you privately
so that you hear my voice as I call out
for this, my own myrrh-dripping one.

Most splendid of times, you are going with me,
I am going to open the snare:
this is beauty - the journeying out to the netting
for this one, the one that I love.