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p. Harris 500 Song Cycle 2 love poem 7

In order to display this page correctly, you will need the Egyptian transliteration font made available by the Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research, Faculty of Theology, Utrecht University, Holland, Once you have entered that site, choose the top-level heading “egyptological resources” and scroll down the page to get to the link for the font. You will need the font if the letters after the word “Sample” below show in ordinary typeface - if the font has been correctly installed then when the page is refreshed you will see various additional marks above or below the letters.

Sample: AadDhxHXkqsS

1. I turn my face to the doorway - O sweetness - i.di i Hr.i Hr pA sbA n bnr
2. see! my brother will come for me mk sn(.i) iwt n.i
3. My eyes are on the way irty(.i) Hr wAt
4. my ears strain msDrty.i Hr sDm
5. for the coming of him who might forget n SdSd n pA myh
6. I make loving my brother my own concern, mine alone di tA mrwt n sn(.i) m xrt.i wa.kwi
7. my face is all his Hr(.i) nty n.f
8. but my unquiet heart despatches messengers bw gr ib.i hAb n.i ipwty
9. fluttering feet pace to and fro As rd.wy m aq Hr prt
10. to say to me he does me wrong already rDd n.i aDA.f wi
11. to say he finds another pretty trifle kA Dd gm.n.f ktyt
12. These chatter all about him - yet what now sy Hr gAgA n Hr.f ix r.f
13. could brighten in his heart around some stranger? pA HD-ib n ky Hr xpp