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p. Harris 500 Song Cycle 2 love poem 7

1. I give my face
upon the doorway
to outside/sweet
i.di i Hr.i
Hr pA sbA
n bnr
2. look! my brother
is coming for me
mk sn(.i)
iwt n.i
3. My eyes
upon the road
Hr wAt
4. my ears
are listening
Hr sDm
5. for the footfall/noise (also suggests by likekess of sound, skin and wine
for the forgetful/negligent one (? - some see this as a personal name though these are very rare in the songs as a whole)
n SdSd
n pA myh
6. I give the love
for my brother
my concern, mine alone
di tA mrwt
n sn(.i)
m xrt.i wa.kwi
7. my face
all for him
nty n.f
8. Not still my heart
sends to me
bw gr ib.i
hAb n.i
9. hurried/hastening/impatient feet
for entering and leaving
As rd.wy
m aq Hr prt
10. to say to me
he does wrong/is false/is guilty towards me
rDd n.i
aDA.f wi
11. so to say
he finds
a girl (suggests small or trifling)
kA Dd
12. These cackle
to his face
what to him
sy Hr gAgA
n Hr.f
ix r.f
13. the bright of heart
for another upon a stranger?
pA HD-ib
n ky Hr xpp