Old Testament Studies - Reliability and Chronology
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Jan 2013 - Promotional video on YouTube:

Video © Richard Abbott
Cover image © copyright by permission Ian Grainger www.iangrainger.co.uk.
Background music © by permission Lee Fitzsimmons leefitzimmons.com.

Oct/Nov 2012 - Short story `The Man in the Cistern` and PhD thesis `Triumphal Accounts in Hebrew and Egyptian` published through Matteh Publications, both available in kindle format only at this time.
July 2012 - More about `In a Milk and Honeyed Land`. See Google +, Twitter, Facebook, Authors Xpress, or GoodReads to find out more.
June 2012 - Just published a new historical novel `In a Milk and Honeyed Land`. See http://www.kephrath.com/ for details of how to obtain it and plenty of additional information.
Academic progress
January 2012 - Revised version of PhD Thesis accepted by Bristol Examinations Board... PhD awarded at degree ceremony in Bristol with much celebration and relief! Now to think about publication...
August 2011 - PhD Thesis submitted to Bristol Examinations Board and viva held... PhD awarded subject to revision of some parts of the thesis. Doesn't feel finished yet though as there's still work to do on it.
May 2011 - Article: Forked Parallelism in Egyptian, Ugaritic and Hebrew Poetry published in Tyndale Bulletin 62.1 (2011) pp41-64.
Winter 2008 - Final PhD approval for continuation awarded. This involved submitting two further essentially complete chapters plus an overall plan for completion, and defending the work so far at interview.
Spring 2006 - Formal “upgrade” from M.Phil. to PhD successfully completed. This involved submitting two essentially complete chapters and defending the work at interview.
Autumn 2004 - I am starting an M.Phil. research degree under supervision by John Bimson at Trinity College Bristol. The focus of research will be to compare early Old Testament writings (especially poetry) with that found in other, non-Biblical writings.

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From here you can go in search of information on a variety of topics relating to Biblical studies (almost all Old Testament). The material covers discussions of the Bible text itself, other texts and inscriptions from the same era of history, results from archaeological studies, and some more general topics such as languages.

The whole site is under a process of continual update and extension, so you will find plenty of areas where it is not yet complete.

Please feel free to email me at oldtestamentstudies@datascenesdev.com if you have any particular questions or areas of interest.

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External site links
Link to EgyptianTexts.com - Egyptian photos, articles and resources. Also follow on Twitter.

Reciprocal link with Astwood Family Homepage - Bible history and chronology issues.
Listed at AQA GCE Religious Studies (2060) resources site as a useful link for “Unit F Old Testament”.
David Steinberg’s House of David - Jewish and Biblical history and Hebrew language studies, including Biblical Hebrew Poetry and Word Play and History of the Hebrew Language.
Link to Early Jewish Writings - an extensive list of Jewish writings from the Tanakh through the intertestamental period and later. Contains translations and comments on the various texts included.
Holy Land Biblical sites review - biblical sites are reviewed with many photos, references, stories, and more.

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